torsdag den 27. oktober 2011

Trish progress session! (finally ._.)

Omg School has been KILLING me, litterally draining my life-force out of me x3 But now I have finally had some time to do some progress on my soon-to-be-done Trish cosplay :D So I already made the corset, but I finally got to do some of the patterns, so now I only need the big sessions on each breast :3 And so the corset will practically be done! *sigh*



Since I did all the patterns myself with a pen, they are not exactly alike and there are flaws :3 But I kinda like that you can see that I actually did this myself, cuz' it took .. a lifetime to find reference pictures for the patterns, and then do them ><;; But I'm kinda proud of how it has turned out this far!
I also got my contacts for Trish! 

Blue ones, arrived with a cute little piggy-case :3

I also went to see my sister in Copenhagen (18-20 october). One of her roommates, Sabine, was so kind as to help me styling my wig perfectly for Trish, I just forgot to get a picture, damn ~ ;A; But I will post it on together with the rest of the cosplay when I finish for J-popcon 2012 in Copenhagen (Danish convention). Boy am I excited!! >x3

New Cosplay wish!!!

My sister Nadia axel introduced me to Dragon Age 2 for Playstation 3, and I got SO addicted to the game! 8) And when she told me that she had decided to do a Fenris cosplay I thought I would do a Hawke cosplay! So here she is:
This is the mage outfit, and the one that I want to do :3 Theres a lot of armor-crafting and leather-working, which will be good for advancing my skills (: And not to mention how hot and cool she is! ><;;


So this is the full outfit in a concept art. And yes, this is a man, but Hawke also comes in a male-version :3 And the only concept art of the mage outfit is on the male-version!! (x But the outfit is the same for both female- and male-version, so it's just to give a hint of the look she wears (:

I expect this cosplay to be done for SVS-con 2012 in Herning (Danish convention).

torsdag den 25. august 2011

Trish progress!

So this is the corset so far :)


I still need to do all the patterns on the corset and on the pants too, but I just can't find any paint for it! ><;; So frustrating. Though I'm satisfied with how it has turned out this far!

mandag den 8. august 2011

Blog online! x3

I'm nearly done, and this is what I have worked out so far ^^~